Student-flyers Distribution List Instructions

Student-Flyers is a listserv comprised of students and other individuals who wish to sign themselves up.

Send early! Announcements by recognized on-campus departments and Event Calendar Formed (ECF, formerly the blue form) events (please, no general body meetings) can be sent to ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE to insure distribution and best results for your publicity purposes. Most notices will be bundled into each Friday's Frequent Flyers email. We reserve the right to edit or decline any submissions.

When submitting your info. for inclusion, it needs to be PLAIN TEXT FORMAT only. As most emailers automatically convert to HTML as well, it's best to create it in a word program then cut and paste it into an email to EXACTLY as you want it to appear (no messages to the moderator etc.) with your preferred subject line. Student Link email is automatically set to PLAIN TEXT. The system only works with PLAIN TEXT FORMAT. HTML submissions are automatically discarded, as are emails with attachments/images.

UCSD Posting Policies are described on line here:

Each college may have different policies for their environs. Check with the college Dean or Resident Deanšs office for their policies.

Questions? Contact Paul Stravinsky at 858-534-0501 or